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                                          Recommendations from Seemax CLIENTS

                                          Our project is about minority culture exhibition, and they give us a lot of surprises! Many interactive elements added makes the pavilion alive. In addition, Each piece of picture, color apply and all details of their works are well done! Technology and ethnic elements are well integrated!
                                          Tongjiang Hezhe Cultural Center October 2019
                                          Our Children Customer really like to play the interactive games they designed and constructed, so the hardware requirements are even higher. From project approval to after-sales, they are very responsible, which also contributed to our more cooperation in other cities!
                                          Wuhan Polar Ocean World July 2016
                                          Thanks to this company, in the case of tight schedule, they accomplished the cool Mini World and Thunder Chariot these two projects in a remarkable way! The stage effect, color configuration are good. I was very impressed by their design on safety considerations!
                                          Dalian Discovery Kingdom August 2018

                                          ABOUT SEEMAX

                                          Dalian Seemax Technology co., ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the design and development of digital display, children's interactive media products and projects. We provide multimedia interactive creative products, digital display technology system solutions, and customized development, design and construction services for various exhibition Spaces, theme parks, children's hospitals and new retail customers.
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